FuelnzelTM Solar Home Lighting: - Fuelnzel LED Home Lighting System manufactured by RECW is the successful integration of the solar photovoltaic's and the emerging LED technology. These LED Lamps gives higher brightness at very low power consumption and as a result LED based Solar LED home light system requires very small solar panels and batteries compared to the conventional systems. The LED's used in the Fuelnzel luminary has a life of more than 50,000 hrs which avoids the costly lamp replacements for several years. Solar LED home lighting system harnesses the power of the Sun to provide reliable, cost effective electricity wherever it is needed. This solar home lighting system supply electricity for lighting, entertainment and information to homes that are not connected to grids or where electric supply is quite erratic. Fuelnzel Solar Home systems are an excellent solution for household level electrify in rural areas.

Solar Street Light Luminary-: Solar street light luminary is manufactured by RECW in Delhi. It is made of a very good quality aluminum die cast and has sufficient heat sink to resist the high temperature of glowing LED. The body of the luminary is very unique in its own and is a very eco-friendly option to traditional methods of lighting. This luminary comes as ready to be used with a solar PV module and battery as a complete solar LED street lighting system. They are ideal for street lighting applications. The main features are use of high quality LED from OSRAM, high quality LED driver designed in house, automatic dusk to dawn operation, extremely long life LEDs 50000 hrs. The product comes with a standard guarantee of one year. Kindly note that this product is for DC application only.

Features of street light luminary